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Why want    FIAR ?


The call to empathy

The idea for the project came about when I visited a close acquaintance in the hospital and realized that she could no longer shower like everyone else because of her venous catheter (Picc-line) installed in her arm, for an indefinite period of time. So, the following question came to mind : "How can I make a difference in her life and the lives of all the people like her, and make their lives easier?" So, my question was one of Human Dignity, Wellness and Peace of Mind.

Our brand logo is a reminder of how we embrace the cause and wrap the member well, bringing dignity and well-being.

Our empathy has also developed for people who have indefinite bandages on their hands (mittens), legs (leggings) or feet (boots). Thus, we make their life easier and bring them a bit of human dignity, autonomy and well-being through our waterproof products and the return to the shower. 

Your Health and Well-being are important to us. 



At Concept H2-Itex inc., Integrity is the adequacy of decisions, actions and conduct to values such as honesty, probity, respect, loyalty, competence, equity, impartiality, and transparency.


At Concept H2-ITEX Inc., Excellence is one of our most important values. It translates into our constant desire to provide the best possible service, to constantly seek to improve, to master every detail, to be demanding of ourselves and of our partner companies.


Concept H2-ITEX Inc.'s sense of citizenship is based on the belief that health, business, research and sustainable initiatives can, together, contribute to a better world.


At Concept H2 ITEX Inc., the value TOGETHER means " You are never alone. " We have at heart the Dignity, the Peace of mind and the Well-being of each of our customers. It is the interaction with others in openness, mutual aid, solidarity, research, and sustainability.


The Code of Conduct of Concept H2-ITEX Inc. serves as a code of ethics and professional conduct for all employees of the company. It describes concrete situations and reaffirms the fundamental values of the company:

  • Act with integrity

  • Act with loyalty and diligence

  • Respect people and the work environment

  • Protect confidential information

  • Treat customers, suppliers and partners fairly and courteously.

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If you follow the instructions carefully to close and seal the top of the sleeve, the water beads and does not penetrate. The fabric used is a soft polyester that is laminated with a thin waterproof layer. When you wrap the band around the arm at the top of the sleeve, the most important thing is to cover both the fabric and the skin approximately 50% (on the top of the sleeve) -50% (on the skin of the arm) of the width of your band. Maintain tension when wrapping to ensure a good seal. Make two (2) turns and attach to the adhesive band.

If it's FIAR, It's Reliable

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