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Who is this product for?

For anyone with a permanent venous catheter for an indefinite period of time or with a bandage covering a wound or arm operation, allowing them to shower in complete safety and with peace of mind.

How to safely put on and take off the sleeve: 

Comfort sleeve: how to put on the sleeve

  1. It's very simple. It's like putting on a nylon stocking. 

  2. You position the seam towards the back of the arm.

  3. You pass your hand inside and you gently pull up the sleeve

  4. You take care to position your tips inside 

  5. You pull it up to the top of the biceps.

  6. Have a nice day...

        Comment retirer le manchon

  1. Detach the wrist band

  2. Detach the band from the top of the sleeve

  3. Take the Top of the sleeve and pull it down as if you want to twist it upside down .   

Capture d’écran, le 2021-07-29 à 12.42_edited.jpg

STEP #2: Once you have taken your measurements, go to the size chart to see which category you fall into. Then order

How to choose the right size? How to measure?

STEP #1: There are 2 important measurements to take:

  • At the wrist, just before your watch, (see drawing)

  • At the triceps, (see drawing)

If your measurements fit into one of these 3 categories, your sleeve will be considered standard. If not, you will have to tick custom and you give us your measurements 

Notice: For any size larger than the size chart, the product will be made to special order only. You will have to communicate with us and additional costs as well as a period of time will be necessary

How to clean the protective sleeve

- Hand wash with lukewarm water and mild soap

- Rinse thoroughly 

- Blot with a towel and hang on a pole to dry.

- Never put in the dryer. 

- Never use bleach or other products with chloride.


The product :

This product is made in Quebec, Canada, no CA541710


This product is made of :    







Notice: For any size larger than the size chart, the product will be made on special order only. You will need to contact us and additional charges and time will be required.

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