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Who is this product for?

For anyone who has a bandage covering a wound or a leg operation to allow them to take a shower in complete safety and with peace of mind. 

How to put on and take off the FIAR legging: 

FIAR legging  : how to put on the legging

  1. Position the legging so that the large seam lines up from the middle of the foot to the top of the knee 

  2. Roll the top of the leggings to facilitate the insertion of the foot and leg. 

  3. Roll the foot and leggings up towards the calf until it refuses to go any higher

  4. Unroll the leg band to the top of the knee and position the fabric well at the top of the knee.

  5. Wrap the top band making sure to put 50% of the band on the top of the leggings and the other 50% on the skin. Make 2 turns by pulling and maintaining tension. 

  6. Firmly attach the fastener to the Velcro for this purpose, to close. 

How to remove the leg warmer after showering

  1. Detach the band from the top of the knee  

  2. Take the Top of the leg warmer and pull it down as if you want to turn it inside out.

  3. This way, the wet exterior does not touch you. Your leg will stay completely dry

How to choose the right size? How to measure?

Step #1: There are 2 important measurements to take:

  1. At the top of the ankle - beginning of the calf, depending where the bandage is, between the top of the ankle and the beginning of the calf, (see the drawing)

 2. At mid-thigh, it also depends on where the bandage is, at the top of the knee, beginning of the thigh, at the height of the fingers, (see the drawing).

Step #2: Once you have taken your measurements, go to the size chart to see which category you fall into. Then order

Capture d’écran, le 2021-07-29 à 12.47.45.png

How to clean the protective sleeve

- Hand wash with lukewarm water and mild soap

- Rinse thoroughly 

- Blot with a towel and hang on a pole to dry.

- Never put in the dryer. 

- Never use bleach or other products with chloride.


The product :  

This product is made in Quebec, Canada, no CA541710


This product is made of :    







Notice: For any size larger than the size chart, the product will be made on special order only. You will need to contact us and additional charges and time will be required.

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