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Customer referrals

Following an injury to my right leg which had become heavily infected, I had to be prescribed an intravenous antibiotic for a period of 7 weeks and installed a catheter in my left arm.

One person  advised me to contact the owner of FIAR products. The latter recommended that I use the FIAR sleeve  for my arm and the FIAR leggings for my leg.

I used these products in the shower for the last 6 weeks of my treatment. They are very easy to use and are indeed very waterproof. Their use has made this period of my life less painful.
I unreservedly recommend FAIR products and thank the person who allowed me to discover them.

      Yves G.  Quebec

I really appreciated being able to take my shower regularly this summer thanks to your

FIAR protective sleeve.

Being on intravenous antibiotics for about twenty days, I had a permanent catheter in my right arm. The sleeve was easy to put on and take off which allowed me to shower when  I wished.

      Real L.  Quebec

Having suffered a severe chainsaw injury to my left hand, I had to have stitches and a bandage. When I showered, I had to protect my injured hand and I used a bread bag. It was not easy to eliminate the water infiltration and the production of perspiration from the skin. It was a pure hotbed of contamination.
Having posted pictures of the wounds on my hand on Facebook, my aunt contacted me and suggested a solution that would ensure waterproofing and eliminate the risk of infection. A FIAR mitt bandage cover. To my great surprise, 3 days later, I received this extraordinary mitt.
Goodbye, bread bags and all those problems.
Long live the mitten and healing.
THANK YOU aunt for your intervention and your invention.
If you have any bandages or treatments, I highly recommend these FIAR products. 

          Eric L. Browsburg-Chatham

I thought the products were great, definitely recommend to everyone. You are an Angel
         Michel F.    Shawinigan Qc

Always so satisfied I recommend it to all those who can't take a shower.

         Mireille Z.    Beloeil Qc

You don't know how good it feels to just feel the water running over your head and down your back

Thank you

         JM L.    Qébec

Thanks to your product, dressing changes are now less frequent since the patient's dressings are no longer wet after each bath (4x/week). This represents a reduction in care for the user (who is very happy) and a reduction in care by the nurse who can give this time to care for other patients!

         Anonymous from the network

Thank you very much for your beautiful product! I really appreciate it because it simplifies my daily life. 

         Véronique B.    Montreal Qc

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